This page is a listing of some of my side projects. Most of these are small and some of them are broken off from larger projects done a lifetime ago. Unfortunately, having been employed now by a number of startups, often putting in longer-than-required hours, I find myself with an ever-decreasing amount of time for personal projects.

For a more up-to-date listing, see my projects on Fezly.


This is a visualizer for the popular Praat TextGrid format used by some people in Linguistics. It was built during my time at the CUNY Speech Lab working on a project named Reciprosody. The project was created by Dr. Andrew Rosenberg and kindly funded by the NSF.

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XKCD Embedder

This is a very simple embedder of XKCD comics. It allows you to easily embed these comics into your blog. Like most of my projects this started from something that I wanted for myself. Hope Randall does not mind. By the way, I have all of Randall's books and was fortunate enough to be able to catch him at a book signing. Buy his books!

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This is a small Ruby script / daemon that is mainly a wrapper around OpenVPN for split VPN tunneling. The script sets up a special user under which everything runs within the VPN, and everyone else runs outside of the VPN. It also maintains the connection by monitoring it. I use it for my home seed box with Plex and Fezly.

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