Syed Fahmidur Reza's Minimal Home Page

This page is inspired by the content-centric sites kept by some of my favorite professors. Many such pages were created at a time when web pages were mainly informative documents.

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Core Principles and Purpose:

My favorite personal project at the moment is which hosts my notes and acts as a sort of common web-based interface for accessing my books/articles across a number of machines. The project is a functioning work in progress with some very lofty goals.

Why This Site?

Some of my favorite people maintain similarly simple websites. What these sites lack in stylistic fanciness they easily make up for with well-written content. I started to wonder if this was mere correlation or causation. By eliminating the decor, the paint, the bells and whistles, you are perhaps forced to address only what remains, the information content.

What do I truly care about at the end of the day? Colors and graphics? No. Functionality, utility, simplicity, and consistency. I want order in an otherwise chaotic world. I want monospace.